From store to solution OfficeMaster Suite 8

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This page gives you a short introduction regarding the configuration of OfficeMaster Suite 8 on the Azure Marketplace. You can find a detailed description of the included functions in the manual or on the official website.

The following content is described:

  • Getting started with the Azure Marketplace App
  • Get your license
  • Connect Office 365 Exchange Online
  • Connect your SIP-Trunk

Azure Marketplace App

Be connected ...
  1. Start to create App from Marketplace ("Get It Now" > "Create")
  2. Choose your subscription and create a new ressource group
  3. Set name, admin user, admin password and click "Next: OfficeMaster Suite Settings"
  4. Choose your backup settings and click "Next: Virtual Machine Settings"
  5. Data disk size can be set to 64 GB only and click "Next: Virtual Machine Settings" or "Review and Create"
  6. Login via create RDP connection
  7. Start OfficeMaster Suite Configuration
  8. Login with initial password "OfficeMaster!"
  9. Change admin password



Get your license
First step: Create portal login
  • Visit our service portal:
  • Register for a new account 
  • Only complete accounts will get the chance for trial licenes and they can get access to customer service
  • Wait for activation email


Option 1: Get trial licence
  • Login with your account
  • Click on "Free Trial" in the top menu
  • Choose OfficeMaster Suite and O365 Connector
Option 2: Use full license
  • Login with your account
  • Click on "Activate License" in the top menu
  • Paste your license key and download valid license for OfficeMaster Suite 8
Administrative account Requirements

An Office365 login is performed during the installation. This login refers to an administrative account that contains the necessary rights to create objects in the Office365-Exchange area (Organization Administrator). The two-factor authentication must be temporarily disabled if enabled.

Connect your Office 365 Tenant

  1. Create a new component for online mode
  2. Now log on to the Office365 organization using the wizard and the administrative account described above
  3. Message transfer: we recommend the service transfer mode
  4. Specify transfer domains: e.g. "", "fax.local" (separated by comma or semicolon)
  5. Define service account
  6. Select license group to manage authorized users (only for versions with user limit)
  7. Specifying the location for user data (AD or user mailbox)
Service Account Requirements

Office365 service account for accessing address books

The service account should be created manually as "Shared Mailbox" - costs no money, but needs a password(!) - or normal user mailbox.

The mailbox is used to access the public address book of the Office365 installation and is stored in the Connector.

  • It should be removed from the Office365 password rotation
  • For remote access to voice mailboxes via the Exchange Online Connector, it needs read and write access to the corresponding mailboxes.

You need a Office365 service transfer account (you may also use the service account here)
Outgoing messages are temporarily buffered in this mailbox before OfficeMaster Suite picks them up. To do this, the size restriction of this mailbox should be adjusted accordingly.


Connect your SIP Trunk
  • New SIP Trunk
  • Choose SIP Provider or PBX from list of templates
  • Fill in credentials
  • Start component

Test your Solution

Open a new message

  • Type a reachable fax address
  • You could use Ferrari electronic AG central inbox, just type [Fax:+493328455960] or +493328455960@fax.local 
  • Fill in subject and do not forget the body! There is no fax without mail body!
  • Choose "Send" and wait for the response :-)

Get the transmission report

  • the message was sucessfully send
  • the other endpiont allowed a secure NGDX connection

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